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  1. In a mixing bowl, empty the dream whip bags, add powdered milk, pour water, and beat faster with a hand mixer. After 5 minutes, the icing becomes more similar to cream by beating for another 5 minutes.
    Easy Vanilla Ice Cream Milk And Heavy Cream Mixing Bowl
  2. In a bowl, mix salep with sugar and add them to the icing. Then, add vanilla and mix again.
    Easy Vanilla Ice Cream Ingredients
  3. Move to the mixer and beat for 10 minutes until the icing becomes thick.
    Vanilla Ice Cream Mixer
  4. Put the icing in a plastic storage box and close it tightly, then, put in the freezer for 2 hours until it becomes ice cream.
    Vanilla Ice Cream Plastic Box Freeze
  5. Finally, use a scoop to put it in cups and decorate it with chocolate syrup.
    Vanilla Ice Cream With Chocolate Sauce Ready

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So creamy and delicious, and so easy that you will end up making this again and again.